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| Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One of the member of 13 members boy group Super Junior, Choi Si Won catches the attention of the media since he entered showbiz, with his good looks, this hunk become the media's darling. Other than singing, Choi Si Won also tried to break into the overseas movie as he co-star with Andy Lau, Nicky Wu and Fan Bingbing in Battle of Wits where he was being praised by Andy.

On 18 July, Choi Si Won was in Sina to chat of his experience during the shooting of Battle of Wits.

Reporter: "So it seems that you enjoyed yourself during the shooting of Battle of Wits, so do you still remember those days?"

Choi: "My first shooting was with Andy, as I was too nervous thus made many mistakes, but Andy was very friendly and understand my mistakes, this leaves me a deep impression."

Reporter: "Talked about Andy Lau, he could be considered as one of your idol, can I say that?"

Choi: "The Korean also like Andy a lot, take me for example, many Korean boys like Andy very much, I'm also an Andy Lau fan."

Reporter: "So you managed to collaborate with your idol, you should get along well with him, I read from many netizens' comment that they're happy to see you as you're very handsome thus they're delighted."

Choi: "Thanks, Chinese girls are pretty too."

news from: Sina.com