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| Friday, July 28, 2006

Singer Andy Lau had accepted the invitation from Voice of Taipei Hitoradio FM107.7 to record a commercial message titled 'Bi Shang Yan Jing' (Close Your Eyes) urging people to listen to the most beautiful sound of FM107.7's classical music station. Andy thinks that the current society requires more concern instead of criticism, hope that more people would discover the beautiful voice beside you and passed the concern to more people.

Andy's voice is full of sexiness and emotion which delighted the radio station. The station sing praise that he's indeed the Golden Horse Film Awards Best Actor as even his voice is "acting" too, the new message would be broadcast from August at every 30 minutes intervals.

Andy is the first artiste to be invited by Hitoradio to record its station's message. Andy had just conclude his promotional activities for All About Love in Japan and would return to the shooting of Derek Yee's Protege.

news from: Central Daily News