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| Sunday, September 03, 2006

On 1st September, Andy Lau brought along his latest Cantonese album Voice to Guangzhou for a fan gathering and meet the media session. Andy hope everyone could close their eyes, without looking at his face and listn to his voice seriously, hoping that through his music, everyone could understand that people by your side requires what help.

Despite the hot sun, it does not hinder the fans' enthusiasm as they arrived early at the venue to meet their idol, when Andy whom was dressed in a white shirt appeared, he was welcome with cheers and screams.

In this gathering, there were 6 contestants whom sound similiar to Andy were the special guests vying to become the winner. The 6 contestants were die-hard Andy's fans as they sang several of Andy's classic songs in 'Xin Zhi You Ni', 'Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian' and 'An Lie Zao Mi', winning applauses. Even Andy wanted to be their supporting singer, raising his hand, dancing around as if he was the male lead in the music video.

Andy said modestly that really many youngsters sing much better than him nowadays and he feel pressurise. However, Andy feel that not all people had the same voice as his, thus if he could not be both the Best Male Singer and Best Song Writer, he would chose to continue to sing.

Andy don't think that he has the ability to nurture new singers as he does not know how to nurture a singer and actor. Andy thinks that anyone could sing and act as he knew nothing in the past, he's fat and nobody think that he's handsome. The fans then replied that he is always handsome which delights Andy. Andy said that whoever has the ability to stand on the stage just need to tell him and he will try his best to nurture the person.

Andy thinks that there is mant voices in this world, to listen to good voices and not bad voices, he personally see and hear many, thus he used voice as the title of the album to hope everyone not to look at him, close their eyes and listen seriously, through his voice to understand the people's needs.

The only Mandrain song in the album, 'Xin Gan Bao Bei' is very popular recently. Currently more than 50 million downloads since it was premiere through mobile phone network. The mobile phone network company present Andy a giant crystal, hoping to bring more blessing to him. Andy said that he was very surprised as this song is not a love song required by the market, whereas the song is about life, he never expected that such serious topic could have such good results.

Andy seldom come to Guangzhou thus the fans anticipated to meet their idol. Andy express that after his concert in Hong Kong, he would always arrange concert tours in different parts of the world, although he fail to book the August slot for his concert next year, but for the fans of Guangzhou, whether he hold a concert next year, he will come to Guangzhou at the end of the year.

The event emcee announced that the album had been sold out in Mainland China, when heard of the news, a delighted Andy expressed that even a non-love song Cantonese album could obtain fans in Mainland China recognition is a thing to be happy. When asked when would his Mandarin album be released, Andy expressed that he hope to spend 6 months to prepare the album and it would be released early next year.

With regards to the sequel of Crazy Stone, it would be titled as Crazy Racing as the script would be edited from the Red Race Car script Ning Hao presented in March's Hong Kong Festival. Andy expressed that currently he had no intention of investing in the sequel.

news from: Ta Kung Po, ent.163.com, Sina.com