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| Monday, September 04, 2006

In Andy Lau's latest album, there is a song titled 'Mo Fan Sheng' (literally translated as Model Student) which he specially wrote for students and teachers whom just started a new term. He was at Tai Po Mega Mall for an autograph session which attracted 3,000 citizens and 500 fans.

When he was singing the song, children were arranged to sing along with him, it was a heart-warming scene. As the mall was jam-packed, police was arranged to maintain order to prevent of any crowd problems.

When talked about the song - Model Student, Andy exclaimed that whenever he listen to it, he would have some special feeling thus he took the initiative to telephone the teachers that had taught him before. Some of the teachers he like while some he don't like them, when Andy telephone them, they were surprised as they had not been in contact for a long time.

Among all the teachers, the one that leaves him the deepest impression is Her Classroom's Hong Kong version whom is the disciplinary master, Mrs. Chua of Ke Li Secondary School. Andy wanted to thank the teacher as he expressed that when he was in secondary three, he really hate the teacher as he feel that she was similiar to the scary devil teacher character in Japanese drama Her Classroom.

He remembered that there was once that the students need to go for a body checkup and a group of male students went to play pool and miss 2 lessons, of course they were caught by this particular teacher and need to see their parents, he was lectured by his parents when he reached home. The teacher suspected that he joined gangs as he formed a seven swordmen with these group of boys as their main task was to protect the female students thus requiring to meet the anti-gang consellors. Although the seven swordsmen is not a gang but it can be considered as a bad group in his school!

However, he now understand that when teachers are anxious of their results and behaviour is a way of showing their concern to students, thus he would not blame them and instead should thank them. Andy also exposed that he always made fun of teachers, as he grow older, he thinks that what he did was wrong thus he hope to seize the chance to apologise to them.

Tok Wok Wai whom was Andy's geography and drama teacher, Andy didn't forget call him and said to him: "If it wasn't you, today I may not be so deeply in love with my showbiz career." Andy express that he will personally design a e-card to be posted on his fan club website for all teachers in Hong Kong to express his gratitude to them.

On the activity yesterday, Andy was arrangted to play games with the fans which delights them as they get the chance to get close to their idol and collect prizes. In the game, Andy need to make some sound for the fans to guess, but he failed to make the sound of wave and burning.

Andy sang 4 songs from his latest album, when he was singing the difficult to sing the 600-words 'Guan shi Yin'.

The reporters quipped that Andy need to depend on subtitles but Andy walked towards them and expressed that he could memorise all the lyrics, he manage to complete the song without any glitches which he quipped that it was a cold sweat experience.

In addition, Andy whom revealed in Beijing that he was a hapatitis virus carrier, when he joked: "Kissing would spread the virus, especially it requires large amount of saliva exchanged, thus I would accept more kissing scenes." It was told that some audience thinks that it's not good on his part to kiss with so many actresses despite being a hapatitis virus carrier.

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