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| Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sources from the Internet pointed out that Peter Chan was recently busy preparing to re-make Chang Cheh's classical Shaw Brothers production The Blood Brothers which starred Ti Lung, David Keung and Chan Koon Tai. Currently, Peter is planning to cast Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, the story will be based in the Ching dynasty, the three male lead would require to shave their head. Meanwhile, the female lead of Jing Li is yet to be confirmed.

In The Blood Brothers, it narrates how the 3 male leads becoming brothers, however Chan Koon Tai was killed by Ti Lung as Ti fall in love with Chan's wife, Jing Li. David Keung then set up a plan to kill Ti in order to revenge for Chan. Peter had decided to cast Andy, Jet and Takeshi for his remake, but he had yet decided on which character each actor will be. Filming is scheduled to start this November.

Andy and Takeshi had collaborated in House of Flying Daggers as they fall outy with each other for a woman, will this time be the same? So far, Jet had yet collaborated with Andy and Takeshi before, but with his kungfu, it would surely be no problem for all the action scenes in the movie.

news from: SingPao