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| Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Director Jacob Chang lead the cast of A Battle of Wits Andy Lau, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu and Choi Si-Won to attend the press conference where the actors were arranged to exchange gifts. Andy gave a 2007 organiser to Bingbing whom was wearing a low-cut blouse, the organiser came with their work time-table and birthday dates, as Andy, Jacob and Bingbing were born in September, Andy specially talked about Choi's birthday in October before Bingbing got noticed but her reaction was being covered when Andy exclaimed: "Hei!"

Bingbing explained on Andy hinting that she like Choi by saying: "No, he was so much younger than me, he's like a younger brother, Andy is joking! (Are youangry?) I'm not angry, we're just joking." However, Andy revealed that during shooting he get to meet and dine Jacob, Nicky and Choi more often, it's mostly all guys dine together as Bingbing was busy with her leaving the set after shooting thus seldom communicate with her, she explained that she didn't dine with them as she's scared to be photographed and got herself into allegations, thus she's more careful as previously there's allegation when she collaborated with Anthony Wong thus she didn't get in contact with him, she's also unsure if he's in Hong Kong as her last tele-conversation, Anthony told her that he was in Taiwan.

Andy also admitted that he was joking that Bingbing like Choi. With regards to Bingbing's complaint that she often get bullied during shooting, Andy added that he wanted to ask her for dinner every night but worried of allegation, when told by the reporters to consult Anthony, he quipped: "Anthony was telling me that she was also a victim!" Bingbing then tell Andy that he had told reporters that she like Choi, Andy jokes again by saying: "I just told them that you like Anthony only." Bingbing then exclaimed: "You're so boring! I only like you!" Andy then replied: "You're right, you made the right choice to like me!"

In addition, Nicky gave Choi a Chinese dictionary for him to learn Chinese. Choi gave Andy a steamboat stove with any soup inside, Andy intially wanted to treat fish balls to the director but he decided to eat the uncooked fish ball himself as he quipped that he had considered that he should be the one suffering.

news from: SingPao, SingTao News, Sun News, Ta Kung Po, tom.com