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| Saturday, November 18, 2006

Starring Andy Lau, A Battle of Wits, a collaboration of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea held two individual premiere in Beijing and Shanghai in the past few days. 1,100 tickets for the Shanghai premiere were snapped up within half a day such situation is hardly seen in Shanghai. Andy also encountered a crazy male fan as he dashed onto the stage to hug and bring Andy off his feet, the securities almost stop the event immediately.

Andy and the cast of A Battle of Wits which includes Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Choi Si-Won, Wang Zhiwen together with director Jacob Chang attended the premiere in Shanghai to meet the audience.

Andy was the last to enter the venue, after he walked onto the stage, the fans began to scream and pushed forward, with all the securities trying to maintain orderly of the crowd, a male dressed in western suit dashed up the stage and hugged Andy till he's off his feet and begin to turn in circles, Andy's clothing was messed up by the male. On seeing the situation, the fans were shocked and screamed, the securities immediately dashed on to the stage to pull the male away. Although gone through all sorts of situations, but this time it did gave Andy a scare as he pat his chest to stablise himself.

When interviewed, Andy exclaimed that he had encountered several enthusiastic fans, in the public appearances all these years, Andy said that he also encounter several enthusiastic male and female fans whom would dashed forward to hug or kiss him, or shake hands to take photographs, but dashing onto the stage and carry him off his feet is his first time which gave him a scare, luckily the man was brought off the stage by the securities whom almost hit the man but Andy plea with them not to do so as he was not injured. Andy said: "When I saw him dashed on to the stage and came towards me, initially I thought he would just give me a hug, unexpectedly he carry me off my feet and refuse to let go, I've no time to react, no time to push him away, such enthusiasm scared me, Haha, luckily he's just too over enthusiasm and nothing else."

For all public appearances of Andy, whenever he encountered enthusiastic fans, he would use the Mo Zi's "Show love, not attack" philosophy, because whenever fans broke through securities and were bring away by the securities, Andy would offer to personally walk them down to prevent any forceful treatments from the securities, he says: "I once encountered some fans, after they dashed on to the stage, they were dragged down the stage with their hair pulled, some securities even hit them, I think this is scary, they didn't do any bad deeds, they didn't injured me, although dashing onto the stage is wrong, but these fans are humans too, it's just a moment of excitment or they could not control themselves, no need to use force on them. Thus, whenever one dashed onto the stage, I would personally escort them off the stage to prevent the securities from hurting them, if I could not escort them off the stage personally, I would plea with the securities not to hurt them. I would appreciate that those fans whom love, support and adore me could cool down and not dashed onto the stage, I timid and would be scared too."

A Battle of Wits will be screened in the cinema officially in Hong Kong on 23 November, Andy exclaimed that many Chinese audience had told him that they love the movie after watching it, therefore he's confident that the movie will do well in the box office, this is an anti-war movie with many reasonings, initially he was worried that many youngsters would not understand the movie but unexpectedly after the Shanghai premiere, he was told by the media that those aged under 25 years old expressed that they love the movie which he could relax.

With such good results at the Shanghai premiere, he's delighted and confident for the movie. Wang Zhiwen being the host treated everyone to celebrate after the premiere.

In addition, during the afternoon's press conference where only reporters were allowed entry. When Andy and Li Bingbing were walking into the room to be interview, before they are seated Andy was aapproached by another male whom had a bouquet of flowers for him. Andy was at a lost as he's unsure of what's happening and the male exclaimed: "I'm not a reporter, I'm also an artist, you're my idol for 13 years, hope I'll get the chance to communicate with you."

An embarrassed Andy smile while the organiser escort this fan out of the room. However this male refuse to leave and get into a quarrel with the crew members as they had no choice but to pull him to the staircase and he shouted: "I hope you'll remember me, I'm also an artist, hope to get the chance to collaborate with you, frankly speaking, I feel that you look down on me." The man was then escorted out of the hotel by the securities.

During the press conference, most of the questions were directed at Andy. Andy expressed that the movie was prepared for many years and success or failure would known now, he hope that everyone show their support. He feel that if comparing A Battle of Wits with House of Flying Daggers, the former is more realistic as during shooting, the director didn't state any expression from the actors in every scene as he gave us the space to act on our own.

When asked to compared Fang Bingbing with Li Bingbing whom he collaborate before the former, he quipped: "Each has her own, Li Bingbing loves fighting scenes, whereas Fan Bingbing like to ride horses thus she looked more of a pretty female warrior."

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