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| Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The cast of A Battle of Wits: Andy Lau, Choi Si-Won, Fan Bingbing and Nicky Wu were in KwunTong APM to attend APM X Battle of Wits Defence activity to promote the movie which will be screened next weekend.

The activity attracted thousands of onlookers where most of them were fans of Andy and Choi, however what could be seen that Choi's fans occupied the area in front of the stage while Andy's fans occupied the higher levels of the mall, despite that Andy's fans still cheers at the top of their voice. When asked of his fans having to occupy the higher levels, Andy expressed that "there's friends from overseas" as he shows the movie's theme of "not attack and showing love". Andy also sing praise of Choi being hardworking and courteous which he thinks that it's worth Hong Kong newcomers to learn from him.

When the cast were walking down the red carpet and up the stage, enthusiastic fans tried to grab Andy and Choi to shake hands with them, luckily they are well-behaved and didn't over reaction. When the compere asked the cast of their happiness and sorrow when shooting the movie, Choi expressed that he was very happy to be able to collaborate with his idol - Andy. When the compere expressed that Andy had become a teacher, an embarrassed Andy expressed: "I've become a teacher for a long time!" The compere then added: "You're a handsome and talented teacher." Upon hearing, Andy burst into laughters.

One of the games was calligraphy competition, when Andy helped Fan Bingbing to write "Mo Gong" but it failed to come out top as Andy and Choi were joint-winners thus Fan sighed: "We always write with brush or ball-point pen, why did you use brush to brush it?" In order to console Fan, Andy asked her when they're backstage what colour she would be wearing for the next day thus to accomodate her but she refuse to tell Andy.

Earlier, Andy was hugged and carried off his feet in Mainland China, he expressed: "He carried me and turned 2 rounds, he held me too tight and I could not break free, no fans hold me so tight before!" Andy exclaimed that he was hugged by female fans several times but never got kissed by them, he thinks that fans should control themselves: "I feel that you should use the correct method to support idol, I hope nobody would use this chance to promote, adding securities would not help, it's hard to control."

With regards to the male fan whom molest Ella Koon jailed for 2 months, Andy said: "If he understand how to respect people after the 2 months is a good thing, if he don't then it would be hard to say!"

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sina.com, MingPao, SingTao News, Wei Wen Po, Ta Kung Po