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| Friday, November 17, 2006

Battle of Wits, directed by Jacob Chang held its large scale press conference at Beijing yesterday which Andy Lau, Ahn Sung-ki, Wang Zhiwen, Fan Bingbing, Nicky Wu, Choi Si-Won attended. To accomodate Mo Zi's "Show love, not attack" philosophy, under the instruction of Jacob, Andy personally demostrate his calligraphy skills by writing Mo Gong to wish the movie a success.

Andy whom was in Pusan International Film Festival recently heard that the media nicknamed him as "national treasure heavenly king", he burst into laughters: "Is my eye bags recently showing? Why said until as if I'm going to retire?" Meanwhile, director Wong Jing had some words on Andy, he said: "If every artiste could work at least 70% as hard as Andy, it's god's fault if you're not popular." With regards to such praise, a modest Andy said: "It's my career that transform me into a megastar, I have a return the favour mentality." With regards retiring to backstage, Andy quipped: "Do all of you bare to see me leave? If I retire to the background, you won't be seeing me anymore."

In the movie, there's a scene whereby Fan Bingbing's character trying to make Andy's Ge Li character to stay, thus she remove her clothes infront of him. When asked of her first collaboration with her idol, and whether the scene of showing love is too modern. Bingbing quipped: "Nothing to feel shy, that's the only chance to express her love, if it's a real life case, I'll also use the same method to show my love. I've waited for this movie for a long time, furthermore I got to collaborate with my idol, I'm delighted when working with him." Andy then sing praise of Bingbing's acting. Bingbing then added that if she could choose her husband, it must be someone like Andy whom will give her a sense of security.

news from: sina.com