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| Sunday, December 10, 2006

After 10 days of screening, A Battle of Wits had a box office taking of $45 million, however the collected figure does not tally with the $1.5 billion invested. With regards to mixed reviews and the box office collection, male lead Andy Lau replied that A Battle of Wits is a sincere production, but the time it was screened is not correct thus could not blame the audiences' reactions to it but he pipped his hope on his next film - The Protege to win the Best Actor award in next year's Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards.

Andy's acting was recognised in A Battle of Wits, he's also one of the actor in Derek Yee's The Protege and had already shaved his head for Peter Chan's The Blood Brothers, his hardworking can be seen. However, not every movie is doing well, despite collecting $45 million in Mainland China after 10 days of screening, being a large production when compared A Battle of Wits with The Banquet, it do show a difference. Audiences had mixed reviews of the movie. Andy sighed as he said: "A Battle of Wits was screened at a wrong timing as it was scheduled between The Banquet and Curse of the Golden Flower, it's pretty the same kind of movies, the audience in Mainland China had lost the refreshness to period movies. When comparing The Banquet and Curse of the Golden Flower, A Battle of Wits spent too little on promotion, even when the movie was screened, few knew that Andy Lau was casted in a period movie!" Andy didn't deny his love of the movie as from the direction of the story, A Battle of Wits is currently the best period movie.

Reporters understand that Andy next movie The Protege had fixed a screening date as it would be screened during next year's Valentine's Day. The male leads includes Andy, Daniel Wu and Louis Koo. Andy expressed that he will become a drug lord for the first time in 16 years since Lee Rock, the drug lord is the boss of an electronic goods shop, he do his business as usual as few know his actual identity who is a drug lord who control most of the drug activities in North America and South-east Asia. Andy hope that this movie would help him win a Best Actor award in next year's Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Awards. He said: "I got nominated for Best Actor with Lee Rock, I hope that The Protege would also bring me the same luck."

news from: Sina.com