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| Saturday, December 16, 2006

Peter Chan's new movie - Blood Brothers which gathered Andy Lau, Jet Li and Takeshi Kaneshiro had announced its female lead yesterday, as per being alleged Mainland China actress Xu Jing Lei was picked.

The female lead of Blood Brothers Lian Sheng will be pretty as she's the factor that disrupt the brotherhood love of the 3 brothers, thus she's the pivot point of the movie. The actresses being considered for the role includes Maggie Cheung and Shu Qi but Xu was picked eventually, it was believed that Peter was pipping on her luck whereas another belief is that the investing company from Mainland China strongly recommended her.

The Blood Brothers will be directed by Golden Horse Film Awards Best Director Peter Chan, it's scheduled to be screened during the Christmas holidays in 2007. There will be location shooting in Beijing, Shanghai and Hengdian, the movie would contain many battle scenes, meanwhile the complicated love relationship between the first and second brother and the female lead be the most important.

Peter expressed that Xu Jing Lei would have a "beautiful mistake combination", whereas he's worried of the love scene of Xu with Jet as he feel that other than Jet's Wong Fei Hung's character falling in love with Thirteen Auntie, he seldom had any love relationship worth remembering to date, he might need some coaching.

news from: China Daily Times, Taiwan Apple Daily News, udn news, Wei Wen Po