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| Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Andy Lau is currently busy location shooting in Beijing for the movie This Violent Land (Ci Ma), recently he revealed that he spent a white New Year Eve under minus degree celius, he even used a photograph of his footprint on snow with 'I Miss You' as greetings for his fans!

In his blog, Andy used 'I Miss You' as the title with the contents being new year greetings and asking the well beings of his fans. He also revealed that the hotel room that he was staying had a super huge balcony which could accomodate 20-30 people, he quipped that he asked his assistant to buy a BBQ pit as he shouted out loud after opening the door: "We could BBQ!", it's a pity that nobody replied him, he said: "There's no voice behind me to answer me, because it was freezing cold, I'm the only silly fool whom still think of BBQ."

Andy expressed that it's a white snow world that welcome him back to Beijing after his promotional trip for A Battle of Wits in South Korea, thus he specially wrote "I Miss You" on the snow for his fans.

Andy revealed that he stopped work on 31 Dec and spent a minus 6 degree celius freezing white New Year's Eve, he also recap his past year's achievements and feelings, he wrote a sentence, "getting along with friends requires effort to maintain it, with all efforts given in, what's the end result? I'm missed out in someone's heart." to hint that he was hurt by one particular friend.

In addition, Andy display a photograph which he took together with one world's well-known photographer and quipped that in 2007 was not the photographer shooting photographs for him but rather vying the latest digital camera that he carries, he said: "I can be the endorser."

news from: Oriental Daily News, Sun News