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| Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The first result card of this year's music industry - Metro Radio's Music Awards 2006 presentation ceremony was held last night with a total of 94 awards presented to encourage the singers whom had did their best for the music industry, every singers had an award. Andy Lau whom attend the ceremony despite not feeling well walked away with 8 awards to become the night's biggest winner, he was delighted that he sang a few lines despite wearing a mask.

Andy appeared at the red carpet along with Leo Ku, Eason Chan and Hacken Lee. Hacken quipped that his purpose of attending the ceremony was to take care of Andy.

Andy whom just returned to Hong Kong from Mainland China attended the ceremony despite not feeling well, he was not disappointed as he became the biggest winner with 8 awards which included 2 hit songs awards, Original Composed Commercial Theme Song, Creative Album award, Asia Singer award, World's Best Singer award, World's Best Hit Song award and World's Best Composer-Singer award.

Andy was wearing a mask throughout the ceremony, his voice was hoarse when collecting his award, he said: "I'm feeling well, nothing serious! But I don't feel like standing too close to the microphone tonight, because the other singers would be using the same microphone!"

When presenting the three major awards at the end of the ceremony with all the singers on the stage, all 3 awards belong to Andy. He was first presented World's Best Composer-Singer award, followed by World's Best Singer award which he both quoted why he won both awards.

When his 'Zhang Kai Yan Jing' won the World's Best Hit Song award, Andy feel bad that he's unable to sing his own songs but with the fans' enthusiam, Andy remove his hat to reveal his shaven head look to sing a few lines with the background music to thanks his fans.

Andy's total of 8 awards were more when compared to Leo's 7.5 awards, Hacken and Eason's 6 awards, however one of Andy's awards - World's Best Composer-Singer award would not be considered for the Media Award, therefore Leo is currently leading for the Media Award with 7.5 awards.

news from: Ming Pao, SingTao News, SingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po