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| Thursday, December 28, 2006

The first result card of this year's Hong Kong music industry - Metro Radio's Music Awards 2006 presentation ceremony was held last night, Andy Lau also rushed back from the location shooting of The Blood Brothers in Beijing to attend the ceremony.

As he was suffering from serious flu, he was wearing a mask throughout the ceremony in order not to spread the flu to other singers, whenever he went onstage to collect his award, he only say his thank-you speech and could not sing.

Andy alone won a total of 8 awards to become the biggest winner of the night, he was so delighted that he remove his hat and sing a few lines.

Andy said: "I just wanted to sing a few lines, I wanted to sing, really wanted to sing, from the first song that win an award, I knew that many fans bought tickets to see me, however I'm unable to sing a single song for them tonight, but I could still share my joy with them on stage, thus I attend the ceremony, I don't dare to sing too much as it might affect others."

On this day, no matter it's at the award presentation ceremony or the post-ceremony celebration dinner, Andy was wearing mask thus nobody could see his delighted expression, to prevent the fans from getting worried, in the middle of the interview, he suddenly remove his mask to tell his fans that he's okay.

news from: TVBS E-News