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| Monday, January 01, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau was in South Korea to promote his movie A Battle of Wits for three days before returning to continue his location shooting for The Blood Brothers in Beijing as he countdown to 2007 under minus 10 degrees celius.

In South Korea, Andy was interviewed by more than 100 reporters, but he also find some free time to visit over 100 members of South Korea's Andy World Club. A disabled fan got her dreams come true as she manage to hold onto Andy's hand to sing with him, she got so excited that she kissed Andy, the scene was so heart warming. Andy urge fans should take care of one another as they need to take good care of this disabled fan. Andy said: "The total number of members for South Korea's Andy World Club was 80,000 when it's at its peak, but having not been here for any promotion for the past 10 years, the number of members had reduced, to prevent any disappointment for overseas fans, I'll try to promote in every countries and meet the local fan club members."

Due to his tight schedule, Andy could not tour around Seoul and only visit the ice skate in his hotel's ice skating ring, he said: "The differences of standing on the ice skating ring comparing to Beijing is that I'm going to be frozen soon."

On the day that he's leaving Seoul, Andy was noticed by a phone call from Beijing that roads at the location shooting venue was closed due to heavy snow, thus shooting had to be postponed, therefore he could return back to Hong Kong for 2 days to welcome the new year, however he was informed again that the road had been re-opened, thus he didn't get his dreams fulfilled. Andy said: "Korean fans gave me thermal products, vitamin C, ginseng and health products, these things jam pack my luggages, I bringing all of them to Beijing to prevent from falling sick again!"

news from: MingPao, Sun News, Oriental Daily News