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| Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Similiar to previous years, Metro Radio Hits Awards will always be the first to be held as it will be held on Boxing Day. Metro Radio Hits Awards which always presented the most number of awards had expressed that due to lesser newcomers, the number of awards had been adjusted as it won't be as many as 121 awards as last ear, however it would be still giving out Christmas presents to every singer, the total of awards would be around 80 plus awards, it's still dividing meat to the singers, it still is the award presentation ceremony with the most awards where megastars and new singers would attend the ceremony to make it a grand affair.

With related news stating that the normal developments of the Hong Kong singers, without any outstanding results, the end result would not be much difference when compared to last year, without any surprises. Andy Lau and Joey Yung whom had stable popularity would continue to be the big winner, Twins would top among the pop groups, whereas the fight between Eason Chan and Leo Ku would be a draw.

Last year's Metro Best Singer was won by Andy, Eason, Leo, Hacken Lee, Joey, Denise Ho and Twins would retain their slots.

news from: SingTao News