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| Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Andy Lau will be collecting Asian Film Box Office Superstar award at the Asian Film Awards which will be held today, he specially return to Hong Kong from Shanghai yesterday as close to 30 fans waited for him to give him flowers and presents to celebrate for him in advance, Andy says: "I have completed my shooting 3 days ago, I'll not be returning to Shanghai."

When asked if he's confidence of winning the Best Actor award, he expressed that it would depend on situation. With regards to whether he's looking forward to the film festival, he says: "It's good, take step by step."

In addition, according to reports from Beijing's Sina.com yesterday, after the promotional trailer of 'Tou Min Zhuang' (This Violent Land) was broadcast in Mainland China, Chinese artist Wang Ke Wei pointed out that the trailer plagiarise from 10 of his drawings, thus he had filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement and seeking compensation.

On the other side, Andy recently revealed on his official website of his shooting experience in Mainland China and sang praise of Jet Li's deep inner strength as he will still carry on day and night, whatever happens, he will used 'environment not change; mentality change' super strength as he can change back his mood within 9 seconds, thus Andy would like to learn this skill from Jet.

news from: Apple Daily News