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| Thursday, March 15, 2007

Andy Lau whose "pigtail immage" was recently revealed, appeared at Shanghai airport for location shooting of Tou Ming Zhuang. Andy whom had not shoot a Qing dynasty period role for many years had completed the "lose his wife" scene, to appear his sorrow, the makeup artist painted Andy's face black. After shaving his head again, Andy wore a comical clown hat to appear at the airport, the heavenly king had transformed to a mischievious male.

For the shooting of Tou Ming Zhuang, Andy shaved his head for the second time and it seems that he's worried of his bald head as he specially wore a comical hat. Last night, several fans waited for him at Shanghai Airport to welcome him, the most eye-cathcing is his hat. Actually Andy had left the shooting group and he would be busy with other work as this trip is for media interview and visiting the shooting crew.

news from: tom.com