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| Monday, March 19, 2007

Lam Ka Tung attended a Hepatitis B Prevention activity, the event's theme song music video starred Lam and Andy Lau. As Andy is busy location shooting in Mainland China, Katung specially rushed back from Shenzhen for the event to send out the correct message to the public that all must go for their scheduled medical checkup.

Andy whom injured his finger during shooting, Katung did gave him a call to send in his regards. With regards to Andy's injury, Katung asked all not to worry as even though Andy injured his finger, it didn't affect his normal life, he said: "This will not hinder Andy, he's very dependent, bathing with single hand is not a problem, shooting will wraps up within these few days, then he will return to Hong Kong for treatment, however a contracted actor whom know qi-gong had treated him, I heard that Andy's finger was shivering when he see the actor whom was shivering when he's gathering his qi, it's magical."

It was heard that Katung also injured himself during shooting as he injured his hand when he lost his balance on the slippery floor. Some said that it was due to the company's fengshui, Katung quipped: "Nope, the company is very healthy, we did our prayers, bonus every year, but I do not have treatment by a qi-gong master, I need to visit the doctor myself, actually I just extended my contract for another 5 years, it's a 10-years bond, hope boss Andy can provide medical checkups, 2 tours every year, plus presents and bonus, this would be great! Haha!"

news from: Wei Wen Po