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| Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Andy Lau whom was presented the Asian Film Box Office Superstar award, he raise 3 fingers to swear in English that he would continue to work hard and never give up no matter whether the movie industry is doing well or bad when collecting the award, he hope that he will continue to produce good result. He said: "Many thanks to everybody's support, many thanks to those friends whom always supported me, fans I love you all."

With regards to winning this award, Andy expressed that he's delighted as he was awarded the award based on the survey results of a trust worthy company, however he's unsure of his total box office collection.

When asked if he will seize the chance to increase his asking fees, he said: "My current asking fees is ok, it's very high already, the bosses will be pressurize, they won't start shooting if it's not a good movie. (Are you nervous when speaking in English just now?) Actually I always spoke in English when I'm overseas, it's more relax when I'm overseas, feel a bit pressurize in Hong Kong." Andy added that this is the first time that someone calculate his total box office takings in Asia, in fact recent years' box office takings are near to Hollywood, thus foreigner started to take notice of Asian's box office takings. When asked if he feel proud, he said: "Of course I'm delighted, this award is like money? Everybody kept deposit money into me, this award represent every movie ticket." Andy thinks that box office takings is very important, take his own company's production for example, although getting good reviews but hardly make any impact at the box office, however Crazy Stone obtain quite good box office takings which is a good beginning.

news from: Ta Kung Po, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao