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| Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ever since the "crazy fan Yang Lijuan" incident, Andy Lau's movement had become more secretive as he took a private jet to Dunhuang airport on Wednesday, the whole schedule is of high security. Currently, he was in Gansu location shooting for hree Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon, there was also high security at the shooting venue, a no-entry zone guarded by the police was set up 4km away from the shooting venue. There are even guards to prevent anyone other than crew members to enter the area.

According to local news, Andy arrived at the shooting venue around 12 noon two days ago, the atmoshpere was tense as anyone whom wanted to enter the shooting venue would need to get pass 3 inspection check-points. The first check-point was managed by local police whom also checked those passing vehicles, the 2 next check-points were in-charge by crew members, crew members can also be seen patrolling on the mountains.

It was shooting the battle scene of Zhao Zilong and Cao Yin yesterday, a group of actors expressed that Andy used body doubles for the fighting scenes but he did those himself for those scenes which can see his face.

The report also mentioned that the crew specially set up a "luxury tent" for Andy as it has advance facilities. Security guards were seem guarding the tent. At the hotel that Andy was staying, police was on patrol, his daily three meals were sent to his room escorted by bodyguards. Due to the tight security, awaiting fans were disappointed as they could not get close to their idol.

news from: MingPao