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| Friday, April 13, 2007

Location shooting of Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon in Dunhuang had already started as the filming crew is only waiting for Andy Lau to arrive and wear Zhao Zilong's armour. Finally, on the afternoon of 11 April, Andy took a private jet to the filming location.

Due to effect of Lanzhou fan "attacking Hong Kong", it forced Andy to go into low profile as he took a private jet which flew him from Xi-an to Dunhuang, it's a low profile arrival to Dunhuang by Andy.

When the jet plane touches down around 16:00 hours, the airport securities had strict restrictions as nobody is allowed to gather or take photographs from near. Several fans were blocked outside the airport as they could only wave their hands to Andy from far, one of the female fan complained: "I thought Andy is very friendly? Why is he so un-friendly this time round?"

Reporters could only stand behind the metal barricade to take photographs, 2 well-built escorts from the filming crew also use their hands to block the reporter's shooting angles.

It was heard that fans and reporters not allowed to take photographs are due to securities reason by the airport, however they allow their own staff and air stewardess to take photographs and seek autographs from Andy, that's double standards.

From what the reporters could see, Andy was dressed in white. On arrival, he waved to the crew members whom came to welcome him, he immediately went into the waiting vehicle as it immediately drove off in the direction of Guazhou.

The reporters found out from a certain crew member that Andy appeared at the filming set for the first time on 12 April and participate in the shooting immediately.

news from: Wei Wen Po, SingPao, Sina.com