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| Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Star chasing super fan" from Mainland China, Yang Lijuan was sponsered $20,000 by Mainland China's singer to take a flight from Beijing to Shenzhen before going to Hong Kong to settle the funeral of her father. With regards to her plans and schedule in Hong Kong, Yang gave an answer of "never thought of it". However, she still stressed that Andy Lau should take the initiative to see her and pay respect to her father.

Chinese singer Yang Ju Gang's (of Mice Love Rice fame) management company held a press conference in Beijing yesterday afternoon to announce that Yang Ju Gang sponsership of $20,000 to Lanzhou's Yang Lijuan's air-tickets to Hong Kong, food and hotel stay expenses and funeral fees for her father. The press conference attracted close to 500 reporters from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to cover the event, however Yang and her mother did not spoke throughout the event. With regards to her schedule in Hong Kong and the acceptance of the money, Yang answered "never thought of it" as reply.

When reporter asked her if she had reflected on her star chasing actions, Yang sighed: "I just want to bring my father's ashes back to my hometown for a proper burial." When asked about the allegation of seeking $500,000 from Andy and she once hit her father, Yang chose not to reply.

When Yang was leaving the press conference, she was asked by reporters if she still wish to meet Andy in private, she appeared agitated and stress that if she was to meet Andy in Hong Kong is not her dreams as this is what Andy "should do", he should also attend her father's funeral to complete her father's wishes.

According to online reports, a self-proclaimed graduate student in Beijing posted an article in support of Yang Lijuan as the graduate urges all not to look at Yang as a person suffering from mental illness. He also claimed that he was a loyal Andy Lau fan thus he understand Yang's action. He feel that Andy should give her special treatment, even to take care of her for life. He stressed that if Andy didn't do his responsibility to Yang, he would kill himself to protest.

Andy whom posted a "sorrow" post two days ago appeared in Jordan for recording, this is his first time appearing after the Yang Lijuan incident. When Andy alight from his car, his face does not have any expression.

news from: Oriental Daily News, SingTao News, MingPao