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| Sunday, May 20, 2007

It was revealed yesterday that Beijing Forbidden City Film Limited Company would be shooting a new kingfu comedy film titled 'Zhong Hua Da Zhan Fu' (liertally translated as Chinese Large Husband) for its 10th year anniversary, it's touted to be the Chinese version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The cast of the film had been confirmed to be Andy Lau and Cecilia Cheung, this would be they collaborating after Cat and Mouse and Running On Karma, this would be the first movie for Cecilia after she had given birth.

The film would have a huge production team with director Jeffery Lau of A Chinese Odyssey as the producer, Wong Fei Hung's art director Yuan De to be a director for the first time. Beijing Forbidden City Film Limited Company introduce that the film would be different from traditional kungfu film, as it has a wide story with the combination of many different types of kungfu. Jeffery revealed that the movie talks about love as it used a martial arts husband and wife to show how husband and wife should get along well with one another.

Beijing Forbidden City Film Limited Company's spokesman exclaimed that Andy admired Jeffery as both of them did collaborate in a film a few years ago. Jeffery had mailed the script to Andy at the beginning of this year and strike a deal immediately. The spokesman also said that Cecilia will be giving birth in July, she would join the cast after she get enough rest. The film will start shooting in Beijing this September.

news from: Sina.com, YanZhao Metropolis Daily