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| Friday, May 18, 2007

Organised by Nanfang Daily, the 7th Chinese Film Media Awards was held at Kowloon's Shangri-La yesterday with Andy Lau's invested movie Crazy Stone winning 4 awards which includes Best Film, Best Director, Best Script and Best Supporting Actor. Andy was also awarded the Year's Outstanding Film-maker award, the winner of the award was selected by voting of more than 100 media reporters, it can be seem that his contribution in movies had gained recognition.

As Andy was location shooting in Mainland China, he pre-recorded a short clip to be broadcast, he thanks the organsier, he said: "I'm delighted and unsure what to say, how after today, Chinese film will continue to improve and popular throughout the world."

Director Ning Hao of Crazy Stone pointed out that he need to cool down after the film won so many awards as he wishes to continue producing his new film Crazy Racer (literally translated) with a normal mentality, he added that the new film will start shooting in July. With regards whether Andy would cameo in the film, he's still discussing with Andy, no decision being made.

news from: Apple Daily News, Oriental Daily News, Ta Kung Po