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| Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sin Chew Daily is going to bring great news to fans of Andy Lau and Jay Chou as both heavenly kings from Hong Kong and Taiwan whom had not been performing in Malaysia for years are expected to hold their concerts in Malaysia early next year, fans would be able to catch their performances again.

Concert organiser Absolute Entertainment chairman Adrian Wong was presented 2007 Individual Self-Improvement award by Martell VSOP on Thursday (10 May), when interviewed he revealed this good news.

33 years old Adrian whom has quite a good relationship with Andy said: "We organised less concerts this year as most of the venues are fully booked, but our next target is to arrange Andy Lau and Jay Chou to stage their concert in Malaysia early next year."

He exclaimed that if he's successful, Andy's 2008 concert will be totally different as Andy will bring surprises every times he came.

Initially Adrian was an outsider to showbiz as he set up Absolute Entertainment in 2004. Within a short 3 years, he organised 18 concerts which includes Andy Lau, Guang Liang, Jolin Tsai, Rain, Pussycat Dolls and Alicia Keys. He exclaimed that for his today's success, he take Andy as his "baron" because Andy always gave him pointers and support. Andy Lau Vision Tour World Tour - Malaysia 2005 was Absolute Entertainment's first Chinese singer's concert.

news from: sinchew-i.com