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| Friday, May 11, 2007

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, a Chinese-Korean US$250 million collaboration was announced in a high profile manner in Pusan International Film Festival, it's cast includes Andy Lau, Maggie Q and Sumo Hung. It's known that it was currently location shooting in Dunhuang, however it seems that only a few backup soldiers extras are starting work, with Sumo appearing once in a while for his role as the film's art director.

Due to the bad weather, there will be sandstorm in the morning which one unable to open their eye thus the filmimg crew had to set off to Ya Dan National Property Garden nicknamed Devil City for shooting instead. As there was many tourists at the garden, assuming that they could get a chance to see Andy, they refuse to leave. According to local reports, despite already arrived at Gansu, Andy will not make an appearance as his scenes were completed by body double.

This movie is often being compared with Red Cliff which is also based on Three Kingdom. Many audience are worried that it would be similar with Red Cliff which will have many characters, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be based on the story of Zhao Yun, thus Andy will be the main attraction in the film, the other main character would be Luo Ping-an played by Yu Rongguang. Luo Ping-an is a made-up character that betray Zhao Zilong, they transformed from friends to enemy, good against evil, thus he would also get quite a lot of screen time. Currently it was confirmed that Maggie Q would be Cao Cao's daughter Cao Yin, Sumo as Zhang Fei and Ti Lung as Guan Yu.

news from: SingTao News, Sina.com