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| Sunday, August 26, 2007

Everyone is No.1 which is written by Andy Lau for the 2008 Paralympic Games had won good reviews from all areas, some fans pointed out the common mistake of Andy as he pronounced the wrongly for "自怨自艾" as he sang 'zi nu zi ai' instead of the correct 'zi nu zi yi'. Although many fans feel that the mistake is negligible but Andy had expressed through his assistant that he had discussed with the record company to change to the correct version, he also get in contact with TV and radio stations, if fans discovered that they are broadcasting the wrong version, he should be informed immediately.

The mistake was pointed out in a forum posting by a fan whom wrote: "Today I watched the first time of Andy's Everyone is No. 1, I also watched the making of it two days ago, he looked very serious when he wore the artificial limb, it show how much he care for the disabled. However he made the wrong pronunciation when he sang 'zi nu zi ai' which should be correctly pronounced as 'zi nu zi yi' because in the latest Mandarin dictionary, the correct pronunciation for the word should be 'yi4'". In addition, another fan also listed out Andy's previous mistake as in 'Bing Yu', he sang "刽子手" as 'kuai zi shou' instead of 'gui zi shou'.

In contrast to the above comments, majority of the fans expressed their recognition for Andy's care and concern for the disabled. One fan from Tianjing commented: "When he wrote 'Han' for the Paralympic Games until today's Everyone is No.1, it's still as touching. Thank you Andy, as you always use your strength to remind us those important things that had been forgotten by us, you're our pride!"

Meanwhile, another fan from Sichuan expressed: "Being a disabled person, I'm touched after watching the music video, I know that I'm not No.1, but I won't be the last one!"

Andy immediately made changes in a new version, the reporters were told that when Andy found out the wrong pronunciation comments in the Internet, he immediately check the dictionary and discover that 'ai' could also be pronounced as 'yi', he also telephone many people to ask them. When told that the correct pronunciation should be 'yi', Andy was shocked as he revealed that he was unsure previously thus he had recorded two versions for the song, he thanked the fans for upping his level of Mandarin. He added that he had informed TV and radio stations to broadcast the correct version.

Meanwhile, Andy's assistant is taking this wrong pronunciation matter seriously as he would continue to understand more of the situation and ask all to take note if the TV and radio station had broadcast the changed and corrected version, if not he shall be informed to make the change immediately.

news from: Sina.com, News Times