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| Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Earlier Andy Lau was in Taiwan for his second round of promotion for his album, he went to record 6 variety shows as he showed his tiredness, however he claimed that his record was going to 10 different venues, this time round could be considered as more relaxed, Andy is indeed worth his nickname of "superman".

For Andy's arrival in Taiwan, other than the driver whom had drove him around in his nanny car whenever he's in Taiwan for the past 5 years, a makeup artist also accompanied him around, he revealed that the makeup artist followed him around was to cover up his new mole, he quipped: "Hair will grow on the mole, it need to be plucked every few days."

When recording Variety Show of Mr. Con and Ms. Csi, host Hsu Hsi-Ti teased Andy that initially he was Chan Chao now became magistrate, this anger Andy as he vow to remove the mole tomorrow. Everyone in the studio is waiting for Andy's arrival to record the show as they want to catch a glimpse of Andy. When Andy arrived, many staff came to catch a glimpse of him, in order not to prevent disruption to the recording, Andy was asked to rest at the makeup room as the production team did a "clear-out" in the studio before the recording starts.

When the show starts, Hsu Hsi-Ti and Tsai Kang-Yung immediately asked about how the mole on Andy's face came about, Andy feel that it's quite boring that the media stirred up of a mole which made him neither wanted to laugh or cry, he also specially made a trip to the hospital to check on the mole which is harmless.

Hsu Hsi-Ti then made joke of Andy's mole as she quipped: "This is a nosy person's mole, did you feel that you become more nosy recently? Will hair grow on it?" Hsu Hsi-Ti then made a pluck hair hand movement, Andy then quipped: "Okay then, I'll go see a doctor tomorrow to remove the mole."

However, Hsu Hsi-Ti "crazy actions" does not stop there as she asked about Andy's love life as in if he was hurt in a relationship before. Andy said no but Hsu Hsi-Ti doesn't give up as she asked Andy if he watch porn. Andy answer that there's nothing much to watch come to his age, he do watch when he's young, meanwhile Andy betray his younger brother as he revealed that he had a porn collection, after much explaination, it's understand that Andy's younger brother is a professional publisher RD as he's pro in nude women, this made everyone stand up that Andy do have such an outstanding younger brother.

When Andy went to record Lollipop, host Fan Weiqi revealed to Andy that she always see him in her dreams which made Andy smile embarrassingly, they then dance, when Andy hold onto Fan Weiqi, his hand accidentally touches her left breast.

In addition, there was also sources that crazy fan Yang Lijuan whom kept a low profile in recent times was sponsor by a beauty salon for plastic surgery in Nanjing as she hope that Andy would take note of her. As Andy would be going to Nanjing for his concert tour on 30 September, with the news of Yang Lijuan, the organising committee would be tighten its security, they said: "We could not stop her from coming to Nanjing nor attend the concert, thus the committee will tighten the security, hired more body guards for Andy to prevent any crazy actions." Meanwhile, fans from other proviences had also decided to come to Nanjing to watch Andy's concert and gather together to protect their idol from getting harmed. One of the fan exclaimed: "We're all fans, we could understand Yang Lijuan's feeling of supporting Andy, this is good for Andy's fans, if she goes to Nanjing to watch the concert, we had discussed to protect our idol till the end, we would also show her with our actions on the correct way of supporting your idol."

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