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| Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There are several new mobile phones being released recently, but the most talked about should be Andy Lau first collaboration with LG as they released the special edition Shine KE970. Andy's famous "7-words advise" calligraphy was craved on the back of the phone, it made the shiny phone more outstanding, it would surely become a hot item among fans.

The collaboration between Andy and LG is the most talked about, one important factor is Hong Kong artiste seldom has direct creation with mobile phone. Andy said that LG took the initiative to invite him to write calligraphy on the phone, he feel that using mobile phone as a communication platform is rather refreshing, LG also sponsored Andy for the music video shooting of 'Gui Shu' from his latest Mandarin album, thus he decided to take the challenge. Andy wrote "Being Kind Being You to Heaven" on the back of LG Shine, the words arrangement is full of Oriental flavors and Andy's own style. Andy quipped: "The 7 words are words from my heart, hope to spread the message of showing care and concern for each other, remind everyone the theory of being kind, the whole designing procedure took only 15 minutes to complete."

It's a rare chance to collaborate with Andy, LG decided to raise its collection value as only 2,000 sets to be released worldwide, it would sure become a hot item among fans.

In addition, Andy added that he's full of creative interest at all times, with regards to any creative platform, when given a chance and he's able to do it, he would try because in life, one should always continue to create new things and not like a pool of water! It's believed that the reporter and fans would be anticipating more creative creations from Andy!

news from: HKheadlines