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| Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Andy Lau was in Taiwan yesterday as being an avid reader, he went to Eslite Bookstore which he always wanted to do when he came to Taiwan. Meanwhile he also donated 500 children books to children of remote areas to show off his caring side.

Every movement of Andy attract attention, finally have the chance to shop around at the famous huge book store, but fearing of causing a huge commotion, thus the bookstore only allow him a small corner for reading, this fails to satisfy Andy.

The reading culture in Taiwan is always being admired, Eason Chan revealed that he always shopped around bookstores when he's in Taiwan as he feel the strong reading culture of Taiwanese. Andy also share the same view, he said: "Reading is one kind of culture, Hongkongers perfer to buy clothes, watches, follow fashion trend, they seldom goes to bookstore." Actually Andy like to read during his free time, but he could not shop in bookstore, he said: "When I went to Dunnan Eslite Bookstore, I specially choose to go during night time, never expected that someone recognise me at the entrance, thus I went back to the hotel immediately."

Other than reading, Andy also didn't forget to do charity as he bought 500 children books worth $100,000 out of his own pocket to donate the books to students staying in remote areas. The books that Andy bought includes World Flags Encyclopedia, Romance of the Three Kingdom, Fairy Tales and Stories of Hans Andersen and historic books for the students.

Andy exclaimed that he had just finished reading The Kite Runner and was touched by the book, he added that he also read recipes books. Andy donating books to the students is related to his childhood experience of mistaken chicken feet as drumstick, which made him remember of his village days, Andy said: "I stayed in a very dirty village, the mice are huge thus making me fear of mice, I think that cat also scared of them, Andy Lau fear of mice is nothing!"

Other than donating books, Andy added that his trip to Taiwan also include promoting his latest album. He revealed that he had completed the shooting for the movie Brothers, he cameo as a policeman in the movie.

news from: Sina.com, udn news, China Daily Times, Liberty Times