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| Friday, August 17, 2007

Andy Lau is the idol for many people, an idol also has an idol himself, when talked about Brad Pitt shinning eyes, he sing praise of his good figure. Andy also take notice of the soccer games results of David Beckham, however Andy said proudly: "Beckham's figure is not as good as mine." Apple Daily News reporter prepared a "monthy exam" and he obtained 70 marks.

Andy revealed that he had one autographed photograph of David Beckham, so an idol also seek autograph? He quipped: "Yes!" and he added if he had the chance, he also hope to get autograph photograph from Brad Pitt. Andy sing praise of Brad Pitt's good maintainence of his figure and his good style. He said: "How could one person wore grey Western suit and does not look like a business man, his wife Angelina Jolie is also very pretty."

Being in showbiz for 26 years, Apple Daily prepared an exam script which draws its questions from albums and movies to test how much Andy know about himself, he got 3 out of 10 questions wrong, obtained 70 marks, it considered not a bad result. There is one question asking which movie that he he did not appeared in a scene wearing only his underwear, he mistaken the question asking if he had appeared in a movie's scene wearing only his underwear, he put the correct answer as Casino Raiders instead of Casino Raiders, the reporter initially wanted to grade him half correct, but he said: "Wrong is wrong!"

Andy expressed that he remember clearly many things in his mind, "If I experience it once, I will remember it for life." However he remember wrongly whether he was wearing a black or white Western suit when collecting his first Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, the correct answer is white but he gave the answer as black. Then he laughed at himself: "I'm too over confident."

The exam also asked which actress that he collaborated with for the most number of times in movies, in the end Rosamund Kwan beats all other actresses like Chingmy Yau, Sammi Cheng as she collaborated with Andy 11 times to become his classic screen lover.

news from: Apple Daily News