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| Sunday, August 26, 2007

Earlier, Andy was in Taiwan as he attended and was interviewed in Variety Show of Mr. Con and Ms. Csi. During the interview, Andy revealed that he would have "natural body reaction" when he shooting intimate scenes during movie shooting.

Among them is his collaboration with Maggie Cheung in As Tears Goes By, a bra-less Maggie was wearing a translucent top which make him unforgettable after one look.

Andy whom had collaborated with many actresses, among them Idy Chan is the most memorable, Anita Mui is his best "brothers", Rosamund Kwan is the most beautiful and Maggie Cheung is the most sexy. Andy narrates that when he collaborated with Maggie in As Tears Goes By many years ago, there was an intimate scene when he was only wrapped in a towel from waist down, while a bra-less Maggie was wearing a translucent top which reveal her figure, Andy sing praise: "She's very sexy."

When shooting intimate scene, Andy admit that the actors will hardly escape the natural body reaction, thus he would also communicate with the actress before shooting, he said: "It's very hard to detect the natural body reaction for woman, but they would always be able to detect ours." When asked which actress cause him to have natural body reaction, Andy said: "It's not good to reveal, if not the person whose name got mentioned will be angry with me."

Then Andy said that he does not own a collection of porn films, Hsu Hsi-Ti then quipped that porn could help spice up emotion as it result her to be soon the mother of 2 children, Andy then quipped: "Then I would buy some when I'm going to have children!"

Andy also revealed that he did had a quarrel and fight with someone in showbiz, the reason being that person lied to him that he had work on had thus could not meet up with him, however the person was meeting Alan Tam for dinner.

news from: Sun News, Oriental Daily News