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| Monday, August 27, 2007

Enjoy the style and comfort of a superstar.

Mobile phone supplier LG and mega Hong Kong singer/actor Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) collaborate to please all users with captivating elegance. Coming as slide-cover model, the multi-media cell phone, LG KE970 Shine x Andy Lau, features a striking crystal screen. It's also equipped with a high quality 2 mega pixel lens for precise picture taking, messaging support and game accessibility. As far as music fans are concerned, they can look forward to listen to MP3, AAC and AAC+ formatted music sources in superior quality.

The phrase engraved on the phone was picked by Lau himself and means, "If you are virtuous, paradise awaits you everywhere". It can be traced back to Buddhist teachings and should come as a useful reminder to all users to be reasonable and kindhearted at all times.

Buy from YesAsia @ US$439.99