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| Friday, February 29, 2008

As early as 2001, Andy Lau planned to collaborate with Shu Qi in a romantic love story film, but it failed to come true. Recently in Media Asia Chinese New Year dinner, boss Peter Lam revealed that his company would soon start shooting a love story film directed by Andrew Lau, starring Andy and Shu Qi. Our reporters managed to contact director Andrew Lau and he confirmed that the film's script had been completed, shooting can start as soon as end of March, this will be their first collaboration after 7 years.

In 2001, when interviewed by Hong Kong media, Andy once revealed that he hope to collaborate with Shu Qi in a love story film, it was titled PC927 at that time. Andy went to look for a scriptwriter and even contacted Andrew Lau. However, Andy's first collaboration with Shu Qi happened in The Wesley's Mysterious File while Andrew directed Dance of a Dream which is a romantic love story film between Andy and Sandra Ng.

When contacted, Andrew expressed that the soon-to-be-shot love story film is not related to PC927, he said: "The script had been completed, it's a romantic love story, however I would not reveal too much." Meanwhile, Shu Qi revealed that she would start shooting of her new film next month when she was attended an activity recently, with regards to the timing, Andrew said: "The fastest we would start shooting at the end of March."

news from: dfdaily.com