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| Thursday, February 21, 2008

Andy Lau whom always kept a low profile of his love life, however a recent Taiwanese newspaper reported that someone witness Andy shopping in a department store in Paris with a "secret woman" during the Chinese New Year holidays.

The witness pointed out that around evening time on 12 Febuary, Andy accompanied by one male and one female was spotted at Paris's 6th district Le Bon Marche department shop to process his tax refund. Andy was wearing a duck cap and black coat, the "secret woman" is small size but seems plumb, her movements are more low profile than Andy's. As it was alleged that Carol Zhu Liqian being pregnant, there's a possibility that the "secret woman" is Carol!

It was pointed out that when the male assistant was helping Andy to process the tax refund, when they discover Chinese around, they tighten their security, Andy whisper into the ears of the "secret woman" and she had her back faced to the witness thereafter. She also did not speak, it seems she wanted to hide her identity.

The male assistant was well prepared as he immediately done up the tax refund within 10 minutes before making a quick exit. The witness said that they did not carry any purchases as the witness think that they could have purchase a huge products which will be delivered to their hotel.

When Andy's management company in Taiwan was contacted, they exclaimed that Andy will go holiday during Chinese New Year and during his birthday, but they would not ask more of his private time. When asked if the "secret woman" is Carol, the management company express: "We would not answer questions on assumptions."

news from: Sing Tao News, Liberty Times, Sina.com