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| Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Recently, the movie company in Mainland China revealed several photos from the movie Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Maggie Q whom collaborate with Andy Lau in the movie revealed that she had many different images in the movie, she is also very satisfied with her collaboration with Andy. She expressed that she will be back in Hong Kong to promote the movie from 25-27 March.

In Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Maggie Q is Cao Cao's daughter, she need to wear an armor, fight with spears and swords, also need to play the pi pa, on the battle field, she would have a final fight with Andy's Zhao Yun.

Maggie Q did all the stunts herself, arts director Summo Hung praise Maggie Q not only have nice body movements but also very agile, she would suit well in action movies. He said: "In time to come, she might take the baton from Michelle Yeoh."

Maggie Q whom collaborated with Tom Cruise in M:I:3, she exposed that when Cruise was location shooting in China, in order for M:I:3 to be able to reach the Asian market, he kept watching Andy's Infernal Affairs in his hotel room many times, it can be seen the influential effect on Asian movie goers.

As Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will be screened in April which happens that Chow Yun Fat's The Children of Huang Shi, it would be the returning to Chinese films by Chow and he would go head to head with Andy.

Meanwhile, Wong Jing is preparing his new film Qin Qiang, it would be a scientific film which narrates a love-death story, the film will not specify Qin Qiang but will allow the audience to know about Qin Qiang. It is told that the male lead could either be Tony Leung Chiu Wai or Andy Lau. As it's a big production, both have the audience drawing power, thus it should be a "battle" between the two is unavoidable.

news from: Wei Wen Po