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| Friday, March 07, 2008

Film companies had the same idea is common when they shoot films with the same theme, different stories from Three Kingdom was bring onto the silver screen, Hong Kong director Daniel Lee's Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will open in the cinemas from 3 April, it would beat John Woo's The Battle of Red Cliff which will open in the cinema during the summer holidays. However both films are focusing on different areas with the latter on brotherhood story of Zhou Yu and Zhu Geliang and their love interest in Xiao Qiao; meanwhile the former on the life of Zhao Zilong and his love hate with Cao Cao's granddaughter.

International actress Maggie Q will be seen shooting arrows, riding horses to show off her heroic side as she will be battling it out in Zhang Zhiyi's leap into Hollywood Hua Mulan.

In Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Andy's Zhao Zilong will appear throughout the film, when he's young he went to rescue Liu Bei's wife and children, later he was betray by Luo Pin-an due to jealously, in addition to being used as a bait for the enemy, Cao Yin granddaughter sore to avenge his grandfather thus goes into battle with Zhao Zilong. The story is although traditional, as it plans to use another character's view to understand the history, discover the dark secrets during war, which is rather similar to The Warlords.

The film has a huge cast in Andy Lau acting from young to old as he maintain his loyalty, Sumo Hung's Luo Pin-an betray him for his own benefits, Di Long as Kwan Yu, Vanness Wu as his son - Kwan Sin, well-known Mainland China actor Pu Cun Xi as Zhu Geliang, Jiang Hongbo whom had collaborated with Jiang Wen in Devils on the Doorstep to be Zhao Zilong's wife.

news from: udnnews