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| Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Three Kingdom - Reserrection of the Dragon gathers handsome of 2 different generations in Andy Lau and Vanness Wu, 2 beauties in Maggie Q and Jiang Hongbo. Reporters managed to contact Jiang Hongbo whom had just recently signed on as one of the artists of Beijing Polybona Film Publishing Co., Ltd. In the film, she is the wife of Zhao Zilong Ruan Er. When Jiang Hongbo recall her collaboration with Andy, she said that he's not suitable as a husband.

Having acted in Call for Love, Leaving Me Loving You, During That War and Farewell, My Colony: Last Days in the Life of British, Jiang Hongbo still exclaim that she's nervous when collaborating with Andy, she said: "He's very professional when he's acting, he topple everyone." From the lover of Jiang Wen in During That War to the wife of Andy Lau in Three Kingdom - Reserrection of the Dragon, Jiang Hongbo admits: "This character has the good elements of a traditional Chinese female who is well verse in the living room and kitchen." In the film, she had several beautiful costume as it should be considered as her most beautiful period dressing, she think she looked like Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love.

Jiang Hongbo is also a fan of Andy as she was fans of Andy with fellow university students, he's like her "first love" as they always looked at the huge Andy poster hanging over their beds. In the poster, Andy was wearing a tight-fitting red pants, his figure is good, this leaves her a deep impression.

When asked about her selection for life partner, Andy is not one of her choices, she said: "Because he's too prefect, he's adored by many people, I cannot endure my husband to be loved by so many other girls, I don't love a man that has career as his priority."

news from: Sina.com, xinhuanet.com