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| Friday, February 29, 2008

Andy Lau's 100th movie - A Fighter's Blues was directed by Daniel Lee, being the main lead in Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, it would be a gathering of Ah Hu of two generations as Vanness Wu who was the younger version of Ah Hu in Star Runner. Vanness exclaimed that it was a fruitful experience to be cast in the film as he became a Three Kingdom fan and also able to learn acting from his idol Andy.

After collaborating with director Daniel Lee in Star Runner, Dragon Squad till Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon, Daniel see the potential in Vanness, thus he specially arranged him to be the son of Guan Gong, he have several heavyweight scenes together with Sumo Hung and Andy.

Vanness expressed that he has affinity with Andy, his first movie was casted as the younger Ah Hu in Daniel Lee's Star Runner, Andy was already his idol before taking up the role in Star Runner, to be able to take up the character that his idol had taken up made him excited, Vanness also did not disgrace Ah Hu as he was nominated the Best New Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Awards, he was also received the welcome that Andy will receive on the red carpet ceremony.

Initially Vanness knew nothing about Three Kingdom, now he had become a fan as all thanks to Andy! "I always look up to him as an idol and he also looked after me." When Vanness joined the cast, Andy immediately asked his assistant to lend Vanness huge chunk of Three Kingdom books and DVD as tuition, even prompt him to find stories related to Guan Yu to read, thus Vanness got the "Three Kingdom poison", Vanness then seize the chance to ask Andy to be his master, "Not only learn acting from him, also wanted to learn his hardworking and way of life, we also want to let people know that people in showbiz is very healthy, many kept improving themselves, Andy Lau is a role model for artist."

news from: Sina.com