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| Thursday, March 13, 2008

Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will open in the cinema throughout Asia on 3 April 2008, but it will premiere in South Korea first.

On 24 March, Three Kingdom - Resurrection of the Dragon will have a VIP premiere at Seoul's CGV cineplex as Andy Lau, Sumo Hung, Maggie Q and director Daniel Lee will be attending the event. The activity will be divided into two parts. In the first part, media from Korea and other countries will be invited to join the media premiere, followed by a press conference with the cast and director. In the second part, "Three Kingdom Night" will be first revealed Resurrection of the Dragon to worldwide audience, all 11 screens in CGV cineplex will be screening the film.

In addition, this premiere is different from other film's premiere as only Korean well-known personnels are invited to attend, thus it's really a VIP premiere.

news from: Sina.com