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| Sunday, August 10, 2008

It was Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony two nighs ago, around the afternoon of 8 August 2008, the Hong Kong party had arrived at the stadium. Andy Lau was seem wearing a windbreaker and accompanied by some crew members as they walked into the stadium excitedly. It was told that Andy had already rehearsed at another secret venue. When interviewed, he said that he had high expectations for this performance, thus everybody is very excited about it. He thinks that it would be unforgettable night, he would also choose some segment of the Olympic Games to watch, one of them would be diving.

Other than Andy, Jackie Chan, Karen Mok, Joey Yung, Nicholas Tse, Emil Chou, Mainland China singers Sun Nan and Han Hong were also invited to perform at the finale of the Olympic Games opening ceremony. After the fireworks, the singers came out to perform. Karen, Jackie, Han Hong and Sun Nan duet 'Zhan Qi Lai' (Stand Up), while Andy, Emil, Nicholas, Joey and Mainland China singers Wong Feng and Sun Lue duet 'Wei Sheng Min He Cai' (Cheer for Life). However, the opening ceremony had exceeded the allocated time, thus the singers performance were not broadcast on either TVB or ATV, which disappoint many TV audience.

With regards to the segments of the singers performance not broadcast, TVB explained in a telephone interview: "We did asked our Beijing counterparts, they said that the organizer cut off the signal to provide telecast to the rest of the world." Meanwhile, ATV also gave the same reasons.

Actually the performance of Andy and Jackie were arranged to be after the opening ceremony, after the torch was lighted up, the organizer had already cut off the signal, some audience also begins to exit the stadium when Jackie, Karen, Sun Nan and Han Hong came out to sing, whereas when Andy, Nicholas, Joey, Emil, Sun Lue and Wong Feng came out to sing, only around 20% of the audience remaining.

Although the segment of Andy and Joey performing was not broadcast on TV, some netizen did recorded the segment and posted on the Internet. From what can be seen in the clip, although the audiences started to exit the stadium but the singers were excited as they still waved to the remaining audience, they put up a professional performance.

Andy, Joey and company all expressed that they feel honored and excited to be able to witness this moment in history. They watched the live telecast at the backstage area of the stadium, they were touched and cried when the national anthem was sang.

Andy jet back to Hong Kong from Beijing yesterday afternoon, he was still full of smiles and when asked of his feelings, he said: "Very exciting and excited, I loved it from start to finish, the atmosphere was great, during rehearsal, they were so hardworking."

When asked if he feels disappointed when his performance was not telecast, he quipped: "Not a problem, it still perform for all people to watch." Andy said that he hope that China could win more than 40 gold medals, he will jet off to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games, but he refuse to reveal which one will he be attending.

news from: Apple Daily News, Ming Pao