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| Friday, October 31, 2008

Carol Zhu Liqian had been Andy Lau's "invisible girlfriend" for 22 years, their relationship seems to come to light this year. However for Andy whom declared during his concert that he's delighted to be an idol forever had maintained a "rather be know than be seen" attitude as he kept the woman behind him well-wrapped.

Carol whom kept a low profile is adored by Andy as she had keep her status as "invisible girlfriend" well, thus they went to France for a secret holiday.

A reader revealed that that he/she personally saw Andy and Carol in the first class of the same flight to Hong Kong from France on 18 October. When reporter approached Andy to rectify this allegation, his face turned black and refuse to reply, a major difference from his usual friendly self.

(Texts in picture) In 1986, Carol whom participated in a Malaysia's beauty pageant, came over to Hong Kong to learn facial, introduce to Andy through a good friend, they become a couple. There's allegation that they got married in Canada in 1992.

(Texts in picture) In 2000, our magazine reporter managed to take photographs of Carol entering and leaving Andy's apartment in Kandoorie, she also drove Andy's nanny car. It was told that Carol stay there for 5 years, keeping a low profile thus never been found out.

(Texts in picture) In April 2001, our reporter manage to spot Carol with a 5-years-old girl, they went for a movie. At the end of the same year, Carol who was in Malaysia was being spotted by the local media bring a 5-years-old girl to watch Andy's concert.

(Texts in picture) In June 2006, Carol had a dinner date with her friend. When reporter went up to take photograph, as her car had not arrived, she quickly hailed a taxi. Upon spotting the presence of reporters, Andy's driver use his vehicle to block the reporters allowing Carol to leave.

(Texts in picture) In 2008, Carol was spotted in the last night of Andy's concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

(Texts in picture) In May 2008, Andy attended Carol's sister wedding dinner. He sang a song and sat in the host table.

(Texts in picture) In Andy's Australia concert, he express his intention of getting married, he quipped: "I brought my girlfriend along for this concert tour, I hope when she appeared you can address her as 'dai shou' (his wife)" However, it was the female dancers that appeared on the stage.

news from: ent.tom.com