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| Wednesday, October 29, 2008

East Asia - Capital Records Concert will be staged from 13 - 15 December 2008, a press conference was held yesterday to announce that Capital Records had become part of eSun. Holdings. Limited.

Most of the singers under East Asia which includes Andy Lau, Denise Ho, Ivana Wong, Andy Hui, Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Jill Vidal attended the press conference.

Sammi Cheng, Miriam Yeung and Richie Ren were absent due to work commitments.

At the press conference, Ivana and Jill represent Sammi and Miriam to give their master tape in Capital Records to East Asia, whereas Andy gave a diamond album to East Asia boss Peter Lam, to symbolize that the classics will continue.

Respective singers talked about their feelings of Capital Records and their performance in the upcoming concert.

Denise was all excited when talked about Capital Records as Andy Hui quipped that she's long-winded as she stop talking immediately. Ivana expressed that she would like to sing the song 'Re Li Jie Pai Wou Bom Va', Andy Hui and Denise immediately burst into laughters, Andy Hui then tell her that it's a song from Polygram, Capital's version is 'Huo Re Dong Gan La La La'.

Andy Lau was once a singer under Capital Records for a short while but he still had unreleased songs as he was being put into cold storage.

With East Asia bought Capital Records with $8 million, this is good news for him.

As Andy will be staging his concert in Singapore on 12 and 13 December, thus he could only attend the 15 December concert.

When talked about the current financial crisis, Andy quipped that being signed on to a record company has its advantage as he still could release albums unlike being own boss would require him to rethink.

Andy exclaimed that he did not invest in stocks but he still holds some old stocks from HSBC which his father asked him to buy many years ago. All his HSBC stocks were bought at low price, thus he did not get his fingers burnt, just making less profit but he still hope that the stock will rise slowly.

However, he pointed out that he would not buy the current stocks at low price as he know nothing about stocks as he maintain the attitude of "I don't move when the enemy don't move", he would rather invest in properties.

However he was currently very busy thus no time to buy new property, he had not bought any new property for 5 years as he don't buy property when their price is high. He only considered buying when the price is low. The current estates that he owned were bought many years ago thus he was not affected.

He quipped that his investments are managed by professionals, other than properties, nobody knows he had investments. He remind people whom tries to seize to purchase properties at this moment not to take things easy as one need to get their figures right.

With regards to the allegations that he will be cast in the Chinese version of The Host sequel directed by Ning Hao, Andy said that it's still in the initial stage, there's still no script, he would like to collaborate with Ning Hao and currently discussing some projects with him, shooting will start at the end of the year after they inked a contract.

Due to the Sichuan earthquake, Andy's concert tour in Mainland China had been postponed till next year, this allow him an additional month of holiday.

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