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| Sunday, December 14, 2008

7000 fans urged Andy Lau in Singapore to get married and have children. He exclaimed: "Currently I have no girlfriend," does this means he had already married Zhu Liqian?

After sounding out his fans in last month's concert at the Taipei Arena when he asked: "Can idol have girlfriend? Can get married?" In Singapore's Wonderful World Tour 2008, he once talked about getting married and having children, but the fans are more anxious that him as he talked about his love life and getting married, the 7000 fans are more anxious that him as they all shouted: "You can get married and have children!" Andy smiled at their answers!

When Andy attended a music award prize presentation ceremony in 2006, he promised to gold a concert one year later, it was one year late and 5 years after since his last concert in Singapore that Andy returned to the stage in the Singapore Indoor Stadium, this excites fans from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Korea, America, Indonesia, Thailand and many other countries, many of the fan are those whom had accompanied him through these 20 years, they are in high spirits, some even stand up throughout the 3 hours concert, Andy's charisma is incredible.

At the opening of the concert, Andy sang 'Zhong Guo Ren', 'Nan Ren Ku Ba Bu Shi Zui', 'Liang Ren Qin Ge', of course not missing out classics like 'Ru nGuo Ni Shi Wo De Chuan Shou', 'Tian Yi', 'Wang Qin Shui' and many others, this excites the fans, when is what he said after singing 'Ni Shi Wo De Nv Ren'.

Towards the end of the concert, Andy teared as he sing the last few lyrics of '17 Sui'. Andy expressed that it's not easy being an idol, "Your looks must maintained from 20 - 40 years old, and cannot get into relationship...." After saying this, all fans replied with "You can!" Andy then followed up with "Cannot get married...(the fans replied: "You can!") Cannot have children... (the fans again replied: "You can!")"

Andy then quipped: "I didn't asked all of you, if not the papers tomorrow will report that I asked all of you!" He then went on to sound out the fans: "So all of you wanted me to get married? (the fans replied: "Yes!") Want me to have children? (the fans replied get married once is enough!)" The atmosphere get high suddenly. However, towards the end of the concert, he said: "Those male without girlfriend please stand up, it's not strange not to have a girlfriend, I'm one without a girlfriend, look at me, I'm proud of it!"

Some of the audience then said: "Because you're already married!" Sounding out the fans at one moment and exclaiming that he does not have a girlfriend, some audience guessed that he had already got married, some fans exclaimed that Andy had been talking about marriage lately thus the good news could be near.

Andy also introduce his "sons" Andox and Blackie in the concert, don't look down on the rounded body, short hands and legs of these 2 cartoon characters, they could really danced and even somersault, split legs, in addition to their heavily Cantonese accent Mandarin, it made everyone burst into laughters! There are also concert merchandise on sale outside the venue, although the prices are not cheap, but many still snapped up all the merchandises.

Andy get to have close body contact dance numbers with 3 female dancers.

He even introduce his "girlfriend" to the audience when he sang 'Ben Xiao Hai', after introducing his "girlfriend", he even asked them to address her as his "wife"!

The other segments also includes Andy dancing modern dance with 2 female dancers, having close body contact with the dancers, it envy many female fans.

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