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| Friday, December 12, 2008

Andy Lau Wonderful World Tour 2008 will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 12 and 13 December. On 10 December, Andy and his entourage's CV711 flight from Hong Kong touched down in Singapore around 7:40pm. Although the concert organizer did not announced his flight details but the amazing 200 fans which includes fans from Indonesia, Mainland China, America and Thailand still welcome him at the airport's arrival hall, creating a commotion!

Andy's flight touched down around 7:40pm, he does not want his fans to wait for him for too long thus he walked out of the custom 15 minutes later with 5-6 crew members and 10 security guards opening the path for him, his alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian is nowhere in sight.

Although barricades were set up at the airport, but it does not stop the fans' enthusiasm, the 200 fans dressed in orange T-shirts screamed out loud when they sighted Andy who seems to be in good mood as he kept smiling and waving his hands, it's the user attitude of Andy!

He was wearing a blue coat with loose cargo pants and black beret, he also wore sunglasses and carrying a haversack, he seems very relaxed. One female fan immediately gave him a bouquet of sun flowers when sighted him. Andy stopped and was initially stopped by the security bur he still managed to chat with the fan for a short while before being pulled away by the security.

In addition, Andy whom always adores his fans, when walking towards the awaiting car, he did not forget to stop and wave to the fans, he turned his head back twice. In between, he showed his childish side by showing his tongue while waving to the fans, he also hugged them, some lucky female fans even tried to kiss him, such moves surely would make some auntie fans faint!

Among the fans that welcome him at the airport, some came all the way from Indonesia, their average age is 30 years old, they travel so far to meet their idol, they also booked the same 5-star hotel that Andy will be staying!

When interviewed, Indonesian fan Emmy said that she had supported Andy for 20 years, if she had the time, she would travel to chase after Andy, she said: "There are 20 Indonesian fans came to support Andy! He is very hardworking in order to become such a multi-talent artiste, that's the reason why we supported him!" It is heard that Emmy will be watching both nights concert and the closed door fan gathering on 13 December.

Other than Emmy, fans from America, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Thailand, Philippines and other countries are here to watch his concert(s).

Andy will also have a closed door fan gathering, 300 fans will get the chance to get close contact with the heavenly king and take photographs with him. It is known that no matter where he goes for his concert tour, he would find time to meet his fans. He had always put his fans at first place, in Singapore is no exception as even though he would be having his concert on Friday and Saturday night, he will also forgo his sleeping time to meet the 300 fans on Saturday morning.

Local 20 years old female fan Cleo said that many fans either local or overseas wanted to join the gathering, thus the Hong Kong fan club used the lucky draw method to decide who is the 300 fans, "This will be my first time attending a fan gathering, I heard that he would take photograph with each and every fans, if time permits there will also be games, songs, I'm looking forward to it."

It is said that every fan that attended the gathering would need to pay $75, Cleo express: "The gathering will last around 2 hours, we will have time to get close to him, take photograph, every single fan will get to take photo with him! He's so nice to his fans!"

When asked if alleged girlfriend Carol Zhu Liqian will attend the concert, according to insider, Carol's sister and husband will be among the audience! The allegation between Andy and Carol had last 23 years, recently Hong Kong media exposed that they would be getting married in a Malaysia island next year. In his previous concert, Andy also admitted the status of Carol. It do seems that we will be hearing good news from him soon!

Actually, Carol was present in his Hong Kong finale concert early this year, thus whether she would be attending the Singapore concert will be one of the limelight. According to inside news, there is a possibility that Carol would appear in Andy's Singapore concert, "Even she's here, she would also not be on the same flight with Andy, they're too low profile! She should be arriving a few days late, but for sure Carol's younger sister and husband will be among the audience, Andy attended their wedding dinner in May this year."

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news from: omy.sg, China Press