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| Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wearing shiny diamond necklace and an elegant dress, Shu Qi has a smile of happiness and sweetness, sitting beside her is "Diamond Bachelor" Andy Lau, this is the fairy tale being presented in the poster of Looking For a Star, it will open in the cinema on 26 January.

In recent years, Andy had been cast in several major productions, it's also not the first time that Andy being cast as a "diamond bachelor", when asked how high grade is his "diamond", a gentleman Andy expressed: "Bachelor I am, whether I'm diamond would have to depend on everyone see me."

Shu Qi whom just concluded a love relationship with Ge You in If You Are The One and immediately goes into the hug of Andy, comparing these 2 "lovers", Shu Qi expressed: "It's more relax collaborating with Andy, because it's a fairy tale story." When talked about Ge You, Shu Qi expressed: "There are 2 different type of people, so hard to compare, but Ge You is more of a quiet person, Andy is more talkative."

It was said that Looking For A Star is a movie about "managing bread and love". Director Andrew Lau express: "Looking For A Star is more difficult to shoot when compared to Infernal Affairs. I added in a lot of tactics that I used when I'm in love, for example writing love letters and sending flowers."

news from: dnkb.com