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| Friday, February 20, 2009

Love is always mesmerizing, it's hard for human to escape from Love and Hope, the love between two person includes happiness, laughter and memories, of course also need to face different difficulties, pain, fight and worries, even for the adored Andy Lau also could not escape the custom of "love", but he himself have his own way of handling love that is without revealing his love timetable, people will know when it's the time for people to know.

"Golden decade" represent a person's honor and glory for the past 10 years without any time waste, but how many golden decade that one could enjoy? Sportsmen has 1 golden decade to win medals, at the most 2 golden decade allowing the sportsman to shine at the sports arena. For normal citizen would spend their life without any special moments, not even encounter one golden decade.

But for Andy, he had already experience his first golden decade when he's 19 years old, till now the golden decade had not left him and it kept following him, till today he had almost completed 3 golden decade, he could have become a learning model for all.

Andy's first golden decade was when he started off in the TV circle, from joining the artiste training classes, started acting in TV serials, followed by accepted by the audience. What he can't forget is this period, because he experience the unhappy experience of being put into cold storage, thus he venture into a singer from a TV drama actor. "The transforming of a TV serial actor to a singer is nothing that I can control till 10 years, thus I always remember it, because when I was put into cold storage I feel that I have a few friends, when I was busy in the past, I don't even have the chance to meet and communicate with the 5 Tigers, but I have lots of time during the cold storage days, that I discover their concern for me. One question: "Andy how are you currently!" will allow me to feel their concern, because of this many people become my friends, this allow me to know how to pay back to those crew members whom had worked hard for me."

What followed is the second golden decade, Andy managed to attain heavenly king status as a singer and actor, won numerous awards and become a Justice of the Peace and China's most bankable actor. What follows is Andy going to complete his third golden decade, so when he's entering his fourth golden decade, where will he stand? "I'm already in showbiz for 28 years, going into 30 years, I have started planning to become a director in 2 years time, I hope that it will happen in 2011."

When talked about his love matters, Andy quipped that he fall into his own trap because the theme of his latest album is Love.Hope, naturally people will think of his current love status. Recently when he was facing the media, he was always being asked about his alleged girlfriend which he does not wish to talk about, in addition to the song Longtime Companion being included in the album, people will start to relate this to his own love life which he is using the lyrics to tell everybody. With regards to such questions, Andy still answers them: "This song is not written by me, it is written by Lin Xi. This song narrates the beginning of a marriage, 2 person need to be understanding, no matter good or bad they must walk till the end in order to know the result. And my mentality to love had not changed, because love always started romantically, the process will be great, great till that it will change into forever, until the last step in life, actually everyone has such requirement, but just being in a different moment and unsure of what you really want!"

Just talked about Andy's upcoming work, so what arrangement he had for his private matters? "Yes, but I don't want to reveal, I'm afraid that I could not accomplish, indeed I have some private issues that I wanted to do, but I need not say it out, I say when I do it!" Such words makes one guessing if he would follow the footsteps of Alan Tam to reveal his love life slowly. However when asked if he really have a life partner, when would he reveal to everybody? He said: "I won't pick the time to announce, I would rather choose the you'll know when you know, it doesn't matter."

news from: Ming Pao