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| Monday, December 20, 2004

In July, Andy Lau was in Taiwan to attend Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind's activity and filmed a commercial for them, he also wrote a song for the commercial theme song as he do his best for the blinded. For the Disabled Creative Youngster Award Ceremony, he was so busy for it as he took a late flight to Taiwan and will immediately jet back to Hong Kong to continue his working after attending the ceremony in the afternoon.

The award ceremony's motive is to reward creativity of the disabled, Andy is to give away the New Poem Award as he says that he like creating personally therfore he's most suitable to present this award. The 2 blinded children whom earlier filmed the commercial with Andy were present to reunion with Andy, they present him a koala bear made themselves to congratulate Andy's win in the Golden Horse Film Awards, which brings smiles to Andy.

Andy also show off his own creative work, which is the ceramic figure he did for Cultural and Educational Foundation for the Blind, he seems puzzled for his first attempt at ceramic, he seize the free time he had during his Golden Horse celebration dinner to stay in his hotel room to work on the figure for 2 hours. When his crew members saw it, they're surprised and exclaimed: "Look like you!" Andy quipped yesterday: "This is my first attempt at ceramic, I don't know why I mould it to be exactly the same as my face."

Andy's virgin work won praise from the foundation's ceramic instructor and quoted that no changes need to be made as it was send to be blown dry immediately and layered, around 1 week later, it'll be available for auction in the Internet, all earnings will be donated to the foundation. How much will it be selling? Andy quipped that he'll not answer as he had contribute for the foundation, the rest is up to them.
When Andy was meeting the disabled, one 20-years-old blind told him: "I watched your movies when I'm young, suddenly I lost my sight due to infection to my cornea, but I still wish to take a photograph with you." Upon hearing, Andy was visibly moved by his exclaimation.
news from: udnNews