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| Monday, January 03, 2005

Andy Lau's blast-from-the-past ex-girlfriend of 20 years ago Yu Ho Yan said she wrote the kiss-and-tell about their relationship as a form of emotional closure. Not only did she proactively contact the press to promote her book, she is answering every question the reporters have been posing. At the Taiwanese book signing and press conference, she even called herself Mrs. Lau, causing us to doubt her book is really for closure.

Why call herself Mrs. Lau? Yu says Andy proposed to her years ago, but because of his career, he suggested that they tie the knot in secrecy, following the footsteps of Jackie Chan and his wife Lam Fung Giu. Yu brought marriage papers from Taiwan to Hong Kong, which she and Andy signed under the witness of Yu's mother. Since they have never divorced, she is still technically Mrs. Lau and thus to this day, she hasn't allowed any other men in her life. When she and Andy broke up after 3 years, they had a pact: if they were still single after 10 years, they would get back together, but it seems only Andy broke the pact.

The kiss-and-tell also exposes the first time Yu and Andy met, their first date and details about their sex life. Yu doesn't mind being accused of writing too graphically - these are her memories. She's been hardselling the book to Taiwanese media but at the same time, she told reporters she can't believe how attractive her book is to the press. Fans of Andy are remaining calm.

Messages posted by fans on Andy's official website tell others to use their money to donate to tsunami victims, instead of buying the book. If people buy it, fans say, this will only encourage Yu to continue using Andy for self-promotion. They don't care whether the kiss-and-tell's contents are true and said it's not worth it to keep such a book in their collection.

news from: SingTao News